Panulirus interruptus

Being harvested in a sustainable way for over 70 years, our lobsters represent the golden standard worldwide. We strictly follow the most rigorous regulations. The minimum capture size is 82.55 mm of cephalo-thorax length. The fishing season is from the September 16th to February 15th. We use eco-friendly certified traps with an escaping device that allows the escape of smaller individuals.

Harvested in pristine and clear oceanic waters, the lobsters arrive always alive to the processing plant. At reception, they are sorted according to weight and size. Live lobster is carefully packed and sent by plane to any destiny in the world. Other presentations are raw-frozen or cooked-frozen.

For quality control, the lobsters are constantly sampled during the process. Our laboratories are furnished with state of the art equipment. To assure a superior quality, a highly qualified team tests the lobsters for texture, flavor, color, and weight.

Cedmex lobster is internationally renowned for the freshness, delicate and natural flavor, and its firm and juicy meat. It has the Marine Stewardship Council Certificate for environmentally sustainable product. It comes in four presentations: