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95% of our production is aimed for export. Our premium quality abalone and cold water spiny lobsters are enjoyed worldwide. We have the Marine Stewardship Council certification for the lobster. We are part of the Mexican Abalone Council that promotes the authentic Baja California abalone. Our Brand Cedmex is recognized around the world for its excellence. We can proudly affirm that ours is the best abalone on earth.

Canned abalone and top shell are mainly commercialized in the Asian market, while the majority of the lobster is sent to the European Union. The sales are done directly with the end countries through our own commercialization office or by sales agents and wholesalers that act as allies for the facilitation and evaluation of the markets.

We have other products for domestic markets, of popular type. For each product there is a strict quality control provided by technicians and laboratories in order to follow international norms. The cooperative works rigorously under the high standards of the HACCP (Programs for risk analysis and critical point control) and has a sanitary certificate for exportation to the European Union and the US.

The quality and control of our processes have a critical importance in the acceptance of our international markets. We do not use additives, preservatives, or any other type of chemical substances. Our products are 100% natural. The quality control is applied at the harvesting, on board handling, processing and finished product stages, until the product is delivered to the customer. Direct intervention of partners in every phase of the production chain makes their concern for excellence and their desire to achieve extraordinary results ever present.

The preservation of our environment is a priority, since it is the source of our fishing resources and it warranties the sustainability of our own business.

We are a member of the Exterior Commerce National Board and we are registered as an Altex business. We keep ourselves permanently updated in all of Mexico’s free trade agreements with other countries. Our associates attend specialized trainings in qualified institutions in the areas of harvest, processing, administration, commercialization and export. We are constantly present in fishing related activities.