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Geoduck Clam Panopea generosa
Geoduck Clam lives in muddy zones 3 to 15 fathoms deep. It is harvested by diving and immediately taken to sea water tanks with controlled temperature and salinity. The temperature in the tanks is gradually lowered so that the clams lower their metabolism. They are packed in 10 or 15 kg Styrofoam boxes with chilled-wet sponges and gel-ice. The Styrofoam boxes are placed inside cardboard boxes and sent by airplane to their final destination.

The Geoduck Clam is sold alive. Its main market is Asia and they are one of the most exotic and demanded seafood dishes in countries like the US, Canada and Japan. In the East it is known as “elephant’s trunk clam” and in Mexico as “generous clam”.

Its color is white and its weight varies from 600 to 1.200 grams. Its flavor is similar to Pismo Clam and its consistency to Top Shell. Generous Clams are used to prepare delicious cocktails, snacks, salads, soups or ceviche. It has a high nutritional value and low cholesterol content.

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