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Where we are
Pescadores Nacionales de Abulón is 100% Mexican. The coop benefits from the exceptionally rich clean waters surrounding the Cedros and Benitos Islands, which are located in the Pacific Ocean across from the Baja California Peninsula. Cedmex, its registered brand, is a combination of Cedros and Mexico as homage to this location.

The processing and conservation facilities are also located on Cedros Island, which assures maximum freshness and unrivaled quality in their products. The seafood is transported to Ensenada by the coop’s own ships and planes, ready to be commercialized.

The commercialization office is conveniently located in the port of Ensenada, Baja California, close to the US border. Its proximity to Los Angeles port and international airport (LAX) speeds up the distribution of the products to the world over.

Ave. Ryerson 117, Zona Centro
Ensenada, Baja California C.P. 22800,
Phone: +52.646.178 3419
Fax: +52.646.178 3489 ext. 120