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Live Lobster Panulirus interruptus
At reception, lobsters are immediately taken to sea-water tanks with controlled temperature and salinity. The temperature in the tanks is gradually decreased so that the lobsters lower their metabolism and remain dormant. They are sorted by weight and packed in 10 kg Styrofoam boxes with chilled-wet sponges and gel-ice. The Styrofoam boxes are placed inside cardboard boxes and sent by airplane to their final destination.

Thanks to our Co-operative vertical integration, the lobsters that are captured during the sunrise from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean are being sold at the same moment, via Internet, in international markets. A few hours later they reach the customer's hands.

Season: September 15th till February 15th
Sizes: small (400-600 g), medium (600-800 g), large (800-1000 g)
and extra large (1,000 g +)
Packaging: chilled wet sponges and gel-ice in Styrofoam boxes inside cardboard boxes.
Weight: 10 kg
Minimum order: 300 kg
Live Lobster
Whole Fresh Frozen Lobster
Cooked Frozen Lobster
Fresh Frozen Lobster Tail