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Fresh Frozen Lobster Tail Panulirus interruptus
Lobster tails are prepared with the same care as whole lobsters. As soon as they arrive at the plant, the lobsters are put in low temperature water in order to lower their metabolism. The head is separated from the tail, and then cleaned, weighted, individually wrapped in plastic and placed in a cardboard box. The boxes are placed in wal-in freezers at -18 ºC until their distribution.

Season: September 15th till February 15th
Sizes: small (5-7 oz), medium (8-9 oz) and large (10 oz +)
Packaging: individually wrapped in plastic, packed in a cardboard box
Weight: 10 kg
Live Lobster
Whole Fresh Frozen Lobster
Cooked Frozen Lobster
Cola de Fresh Frozen Lobster Tail