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Marinated Top Shell  Astrea undosa
After being sorted by size, the top shell clean meats are prepared with natural ingredients only, without any preservatives. They are then taken into the autoclave for cooking, labeled, and packed in 24-can cardboard boxes. Cedmex unique Marinated Top Shell comes ready to be served.

Specifications Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: Top Shell, water, onion
carrot, chili, capers, vinegar, olive oil,
salt and species
Season: March to September
Presentation: cylindrical can
Net weight: 454 g (16 oz)
Drained wt: 210 g (7.4 oz)
Cardboard box: 24 cans
Serving per can: 2
Serving size: 100 g
Calories: 70 kcal
Proteins: 11 g
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 5 g
Cholesterol: 16 mg
Sodium: 280 mg
Top Shell in Brine
Marinated Top Shell
Top Shell Sausage